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What is narnia?


Intergenerational. Experiential. Unforgettable.

Through First Broad Street Church's Narnia Program, you’ll experience the places, people, adventures – and FOOD! – of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.  More than a Bible study, this 8-month intergenerational family program takes families and individuals on monthly adventure sessions to engage all your senses and make unforgettable memories. On-site discussions, offered on multiple levels, let you delve deeper into the stories and the meanings behind them.  Go “further up and further in” to Christ’s love. 

Imagine actually visiting Narnia…battling at the Fords of Beruna…crossing a river with Prince Caspian…going to an evil Queen’s underground lair…watching creation come to life by Aslan’s breath…

FBS’s Narnia program is intergenerational and aims for deep spiritual growth: “Once you get to Narnia, your Christian faith will never be the same.  It will be more alive, more real – something you can put your hands on, examine, and say, ‘This is what I believe’” (Sparky Dyson).  The program uses experiential “adventure sessions” and discussion groups at varying intellectual levels, to immerse children, youth, and adults in the world of Narnia.  Once there, the Christian lessons and values embedded in Lewis’s books, and the reality of God’s deep love for us through Jesus Christ, become not only apparent but felt and known in potent and lasting ways. 


Who can participate?

YOU CAN!! ALL AGES are invited to participate in this program! Families are strongly encouraged to participate together. Whether you would like to dive into deep theological reflection around the themes presented in each of the Chronicles of Narnia books, or you would be more interested in hearing the story for the very first time, there is a place for you!  



Why Should I Participate?


Loving God is what Narnia is all about. In C.S. Lewis’ The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Aslan says, “by knowing me for a little while here, you may know me even better there, where I am known by another name.” In Aslan we can see both the loving, tender, compassionate Jesus, and the power, beauty, and awesomeness of Almighty God.

Join us as we grow together through shared experiences in Narnia. One of the most beautiful aspects of the Narnia program is the way it helps families and individuals grow closer together when they share this unique, unforgettable experience. Once a Friend of Narnia, always a Friend of Narnia!

Narnia is not just for members of our church, but a way to reach out beyond the church doors in new ways. The program is open to older children, students, and adults outside of our church family, as well as a great way to invite old friends back into our community to experience God in new ways. 


What people are saying...


“Once you get to Narnia, your Christian faith will never be the same.  It will be more alive, more real – something you can put your hands on, examine, and say, ‘This is what I believe.’” -Sparky Dyson


I’m thankful that I had the rare opportunity to enter through the same doorway into Narnia twice in a lifetime.  I feel certain there will be other doorways back into Narnia.  It’s been such a pivotal part of my spiritual journey, bringing me to a deeper knowledge of Jesus with each step into that world and back into my own.  Ultimately, I, like my dear friend Reepicheep have a deep longing for my true home.  C. S. Lewis, the author of the Chronicles of Narnia stated it so eloquently, “If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world. I must make it the main object of life to press on to that country and to help others to do the same.”  That longing grows deeper with each passing day.  One day I will meet name above all names… the Lion of Judah and the King of Kings… Aslan, Aslan, Aslan… Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. -Excerpt from Lynda Hammes’ essay “A Door Into Narnia,” written after returning to Narnia with her young teenage daughter (25 years after her first experience on a Narnian adventure)


Aslan tells Lucy and Edmund that they were brought to Narnia to get to know him a little there, in order that they could know him better in their own world.  For us, Narnia has been the same - a doorway through which we see and hear and smell and taste things that we suddenly realize are deep and true and are a part, not of a book, but of real life. - Karen Grisenti

“Narnia is a Place I’ve Been,” by Alison Grabar Meredith

Narnia is a place I've been; I've seen the mountains, felt the wind.
I've sailed the seas and fought the wars, and heard the peace when Aslan roars.
I heard the song that Aslan sung to create Narnia and wake her sun.
I wept for Aslan's sacrifice, and joyed to see he has new life.
I raced o'er desert with fast quick pace to warn King Lune to lock his gates.
I helped Prince Caspian become King, and oh!  That was a lovely scene.
Caspian and Reepicheep - I sailed with them to the Utter East!
I journeyed to the underworld bare, and broke the spell of the silver chair.
But then when evil came once more, Aslan opened up the door,
And through it all good creatures came, but bad ones hung their heads in shame.
Then Aslan said, "Now make an end," and Narnia sighed her last cool wind.
Next High King Peter shut the door.  The Narnia we knew was now no more.
But that Narnia, however dead she be, will always be alive in me.